Breath As A Human Resource (part 1)

from Breath As A Human Resource by 5-Track's Epic Striation Band



This music was performed in one uninterrupted 42-minute soundglob. It is based on our breath, on the spaces in which we found ourselves (physically and internally) and on an SG in drop-D and a Parker in standard tuning.

In the last two minutes, you will hear audience members overturning benches and throwing chairs to show their appreciation. (You can also see this happen on the video.) You can also hear joyous background whooping throughout the piece.

Many thanks to our friendly neighborhood Grant Capes for making this amazing evening possible! Thanks also to Avolcano, Obscurer, and Skyline Electric for sharing the night with us.

"Breath As A Human Resource" was recorded live to faux-binaural mini-disc at Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, Outer Space.

5-Track ... electric guitar
Patrick Lenon ... drums
Josh Charney ... keys
Alias ... electric bass guitar

visual artwork by Jack Human


from Breath As A Human Resource, released September 8, 2012
released 08 September 2012
you can watch video of this concert here (parts 1, 2, 3, respectively):


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