Binary Stars #1 — Light Bloomer

by Tommy Santee Klaws & Amanda Jo Williams



Tommy & Amanda play each other's songs! #friends :)


released November 20, 2010


Tommy ~ acoustic guitar, bass guitar, singing
Amanda Jo ~ electric guitars, bass guitar, singing
Donna Jo ~ piano, whirlies, things, toys
Zlicious ~ singing
5-Track ~ electric guitar, slide guitar, piano, tape machine

"Light On" was written by Amanda Jo Williams
"Late Bloomer" was written by Tommy Santee Klaws and Donna Jo Suppipat

recorded by 5 Philpin in Cat Valley


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Track Name: Tommy Santee Klaws - Light On
Tommy ~ acoustic guitar, whirlies, singing
Donna ~ piano, whirlies
Amanda Jo ~ bass guitar
5-Track ~ electric guitar, tape machine
Zlicious ~ singing

recorded by 5 Philpin in Cat Valley
Track Name: Amanda Jo Williams - Late Bloomer
Amanda Jo ~ electric guitars, singing
5-Track ~ piano, slide guitar
Tommy ~ bass guitar
Donna ~ toys, things

recorded by 5 Philpin in Cat Valley